I am focusing my attention on three main issues I have observed in my studies at Hampshire. Firstly, the staggeringly low mental health of college students, second, the barriers of entry into the field of tattooing as a profession, and lastly, the barriers of entry in getting a tattoo. There are quite a lot of different approaches that could be taken to resolve these issues, but as someone who focuses largely on design and psychology I have chosen to approach this project creatively and with something a little out of left field: a gashapon! This is a word you will likely have to google despite my description, but a gashapon is a small vending-type-machine that dispenses toys, tattoos, sodas, and more.
The word is Japanese and translates to an onomatopoeia - gasha - the sound of the mechanism and - pon - the sound of the prize in the tray. My gashapon will dispense tattoos, each designed around Plutchik's wheel of emotions, and a message that encourages them to engage in an act of mindful reflection and intentional breathing.  There are two categories of tattoos: focused attention and open-monitoring which will be distinguished in the category windows of the gashapon. I have statements designed for each different emotion on Plutchik's Wheel of Emotions along with instructions written out to lead someone through a very brief mindfulness process, the designs are below.
Other parts of my Division III thesis include postcards, clothing, stickers, and posters which serve as more permanent reminders of mindfulness in this project.
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